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posted by Cody Veidelis

The grocery shopping industry is stuck in the 20th century, with paper shopping lists, coupons, and little to no intelligent interaction between customer and grocer. ShopSmart is a grocery shopping assistant app that aims to change the way that grocers and shoppers interact. Through customer preference analysis, and digital coupons available exclusively through our app ShopSmart benefits both grocer and shopper by helping the grocer better understand the needs of its customers, and allowing the customer to get the greatest value out of their shopping experience.

industry: Information Technology, Retail and Consumer Products

needs: Mentors, Product Development, Investors, Legal Advice, Finance and Accounting

posted by Cedar Brumm

OrgannicCo is going to be the first company to professionally commercialize and distribute organic food to restaurants. Customers at restaurants are demanding organic food options, but restaurants are struggling to find certified organic food suppliers that can offer the large volume, consistent quality and reliability that they require. OrgannicCo will construct vertical farms, which will provide large-scale certified organic produce to local restaurants. Our business will be competitive because of our central location distributing our product from within the city thus cutting down on enorm

industry: Plant and Life Science, Social Ventures, Design Entrepreneurship

needs: Advisors, Research Partners, Investors, Legal Advice, Finance and Accounting

posted by Max Buster

College textbook prices have increased 80% in the past ten years which is three times the rate of inflation. There are also 1 billion adults in the world that are illiterate. USWAP Books aims to solve both of these issues. It will be a marketplace for used textbooks that donates a book to a developing country for every transaction. This service is different from other textbook marketplaces in its ease of use for both the sellers and buyers, with a simple listing service using a barcode scanning app and an on campus intermediary to facilitate the transactions.

industry: Information Technology, Social Ventures

needs: Mentors, Advisors, Communication Strategy, Operations and Management

posted by Yunci Qi

Jet lag afflicts millions of travelers every year with severe fatigue that many people try to deal with differently, be it caffeine, alcohol, or sleeping pills. SleepBrite will develop an emerging method called light therapy, which uses exposure to bright lights at specific wavelengths to help people adjust to a change in the day cycle faster. While competitors are developing glasses embedded with LEDs, we will develop an app using something everyone already has: their smartphone screen.

industry: Plant and Life Science, Retail and Consumer Products

needs: Team Members, Research Partners, Product Development, Market Analysis, Communication Strategy, Operations and Management

AbCellute Screening
posted by Michael Binkley

AbCellute Screening seeks to help oncologists detect and characterize progressive metastatic cancers in patients before they are able to develop into secondary tumors within the body. Using novel antibody coated, biodegradable spheres in conjunction with acoustic separation techniques, Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC's) can be removed from a patient's blood sample without changing their growth patterns or introducing contaminants. This technology will open the door for rapid and specific cancer detection within clinics to improve patient's prognosis and treatment options early on.

industry: Plant and Life Science

needs: Team Members, Mentors, Advisors, Research Partners, Product Development, Operations and Management

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