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Welcome to the IdeaBounce® website for the Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Washington University in St. Louis.  Since 2005, the IdeaBounce® site and events have helped early-stage entrepreneurs connect with each other and with the resources they need to help move their ideas forward.  In addition to this site for all ideas, we also have sites specific to the 2013 Olin Cup and 2014YouthBridge Social Enterprise and Innovation Competition.

We also make the IdeaBounce® website available to universities and community partners who wish to administer their own sites and host their own events.  Visit the following sites to see how others are using the IdeaBounce® concept and contact us at if you'd like your own! 

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Smooth Pointer
posted by Jeff Pobst

When giving a presentation, it's often useful to indicate important items by pointing to them with a laser pointer. Unfortunately, for a presenter who is nervous, overly caffeinated, or otherwise has shaky hands, the laser spot often jumps all over the screen instead of staying cleanly on the intended area of focus. This idea fixes this issue by having the presenter use an infrared laser that the audience won't see, coupled with a camera system that tracks the motion and presents a visible spot on the screen that follows a smoothed path calculated by the system.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products

needs: Mentors, Advisors, Product Development, Market Analysis, Operations and Management

YOUnique Specs
posted by Robert C. Vogel

YOUnique Specs is a specialty line of sunglasses for children – and what child doesn’t like to wear sunglasses? YOUnique Specs helps children to build self-confidence, a positive attitude toward others, and a desire to connect, cultivate, and collaborate with the ever-changing world around us.

industry: Social Ventures, Retail and Consumer Products, Professional Services

needs: Mentors, Advisors, Investors, Legal Advice, Communication Strategy, Operations and Management

Curbing Recidivism
posted by Henry Price

Up From Ashes Transit will assist in the fight against recidivism by offering affordable, convenient front fdoor to prison transportation of family members to the prison in which their loved one is confined. Most services offered do not provide the family any real relief from the struggle of coordinating visits. Studies have shown that the inmate who keeps contact with family through regular visits has a greater chance of success on parole/probation. UFA will strive to be the leader in the effort to serve the under served, and will help keep families connected one trip at a time.

industry: Social Ventures, Professional Services, Minority Entrepreneurs

needs: Team Members, Investors

posted by Nancy Fox

Fly-Bye deals with the annoying problem of ridding your kitchen of fruit flies before they a uniquely effective, yet decorative manner, so as to NOT be an unsightly sticky ineffective mess to an otherwise limited marketplace for effective solutions. ...A virtually untapped market...Women are the primary target market, as they enjoy and place a high value on the decor in their homes! I have a prototype, pictures, as well as video of this ingenious idea that literally kills two birds with one stone! ...or rather one Fly-Bye vase in the home! Another market-"As Seen on TV"

industry: Plant and Life Science, Retail and Consumer Products, Women Entrepreneurs

needs: Team Members, Advisors, Product Development, Investors, Finance and Accounting, Operations and Management

Spud Boost
posted by Krystal Giltner

Energy food for the endurance athlete using complex carbohydrates and other natural ingredients to boost the energy and caloric needs of going long distances. This food source is an alternative to the sweet simple carbohydrates that most energy food is made of.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Women Entrepreneurs

needs: Advisors, Product Development, Investors, Market Analysis, Legal Advice, Technology, Finance and Accounting

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